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Many numbers linked to the coronavirus in D.C., Maryland and Virginia are shared everyday, and all of the information might perhaps presumably presumably simply be advanced.

In Fairfax County, Virginia, for instance, work on the machine feeble to document disease data resulted in a smaller collection of reported original cases Sunday and a spike in newly-reported cases Monday.

So, what attain all of the numbers indubitably mean? What attain antibody tests remark us? Why is there such variation in outcomes from everyday?

WTOP asked Fairfax County Health Department Epidemiologist Rene Najera for the solutions to a few our (and your) ultimate questions.

Najera answered about a questions about COVID-19 and other pandemic concerns.

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Shopping for added data? D.C., Maryland and Virginia are every releasing extra data on daily basis. Confer with their official sites right here: Virginia | Maryland | D.C.

  • Q: Why does the gathering of take a look at outcomes differ so grand from everyday?
  • Of us plod to different areas to rep tested, and the specimens are despatched to different labs, no longer handiest in Virginia, nonetheless additionally spherical the country.

    “These laboratories prefer their time once rapidly in returning those tests to us. In most cases they attain what we name ‘batching,’ where they rep lawful a total bunch of tests together and they wait till they hit a drawl quantity. Some days lets rep very few numbers of outcomes because the lab is lawful no longer working on that day. Sundays are the top doubtless example of that.

    We strive to even that out by averaging it for the whole week … and that’s the quantity that we indubitably would help each person to search at — the week-to-week traits in decision to the day-by-day traits.

  • Q: Attain you judge Gov. Ralph Northam’s decision to require of us to build on masks interior public areas will set up a large inequity?
  • “His announcement is a political decision, and it’s very grand as a lot as him. I judge it’s how we react to that.

    If we prefer the precautions of washing our hands, of being recede to build on a masks after we’re in public, staying away 6 toes from other of us, then we are the ones who attain the impact irrespective of what decision is being made.

    Right here’s transmitted by asymptomatic of us, so if all of us build on face masks, although we’re infected and we don’t feel it, we protect ourselves from spreading it to somebody else.”

  • Q: What is the model in phrases of the proportion of certain tests that you are seeing in Fairfax County?
  • “It’s been moderately accurate at spherical the 20-30% space. We want it to be reasonably bit decrease, obviously, because we need much less disease domestically.

    Increased percent positives customarily expose that we’re being too strict in who we’re making an strive out. At the starting of this, we were handiest making an strive out those who were symptomatic and even presumably were hospitalized because we had a extraordinarily low collection of tests. However as extra tests are becoming on hand and extra labs are doing the tests, then obviously we’re casting that wider accumulate and we’re getting the percent certain reasonably bit decrease.

    So it’s a hallmark of both much less disease domestically nonetheless additionally that we’re doing that extensive making an strive out to set up out to prefer as many participants as that it’s doubtless you’ll judge.”

  • Q: How can we know if the coronavirus is peaceable spreading in a given space?
  • That comes from speaking to of us that take a look at certain. “In the event that they haven’t been in contact with a known case that they know of, then they caught it somewhere domestically unknowingly. And that’s how we know that it’s domestically.”

  • Q: Is extra free, no-doctor’s-referral-wanted making an strive out scheduled in Fairfax County?
  • Now not yet, nonetheless build an bid to bulletins rapidly. About 3,000 of us were tested over the weekend in Annandale and Bailey’s Crossroads. “We’re taking a bellow to attain some extra of this in other ingredients of the county as successfully.”

  • Q: When might perhaps presumably presumably extra antibody making an strive out be carried out?
  • It’s potentially going to be a while thanks to the take a look at’s barriers.

    “It tells you ought to you’ve been exposed to the virus, nonetheless it indubitably does no longer basically remark you ought to you’re currently infected or ought to you’re infectious to other of us. So it’s extra of a diagnostic tool for lustrous ought to you’ve been exposed at any time within the final few months, bigger than for a public health tool of lustrous who’s currently infectious.

    Appropriate now, I judge physicians — lawful like us in public health — we need to know who’s currently in downhearted health so we are able to prefer care of them and additionally to retract them faraway from healthy of us to prevent the unfold of the an infection.”

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