June 10, 2020 | 10: 31am | Up as a lot as now June 10, 2020 | 12: 37pm

A Chinese teen fell into a diabetic coma after she developed a behavior of guzzling two bubble tea drinks on daily foundation, in line with a document.

The 18-year-ragged Shanghai woman drank a pair of the abundant-candy drinks on daily foundation for a month, until they prompted severe health points, Asia Wire reported.

She changed into found unconscious by household, who said she had been experiencing indicators linked to hyperglycemia, a condition linked to dangerously excessive stages of blood sugar, in line with the document.

Amongst her indicators sooner than she fell into a coma were nausea, frequent urination and dehydration, the document said.

She changed into introduced last month to Ruijin Health facility, the build her blood sugar stages were recorded at roughly 25 times better than genuine, in line with the document.

The teenager changed into placed on a ventilator and received kidney dialysis sooner than waking up from the coma five days later, the outlet reported.

By June 1, the teenager perceived to be on the mend and changed into discharged from the clinic, the document said.

The everyday cup of bubble tea has 54 grams of sugar, while genuine iced tea has around 22 grams of sugar, in line with Healthline and the US Department of Agriculture.