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The defense criminal knowledgeable for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar stated that his consumer changed into no longer appealing in an alleged armed robbery finest Wednesday night and that the alleged victims of the crime have lost all credibility for having two separate accounts of the incident.

In an interview with Sports activities Radio 950 KJR on Monday afternoon, Dunbar’s criminal knowledgeable Michael Grieco stated that his consumer changed into no longer on the dwelling in search knowledge from of when an alleged armed robbery took dwelling inspiring Dunbar and New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker.

Your total ingredient is a fabrication. It’s a fabrication. I wouldn’t be popping out as rapid and as loudly as I even have if I didn’t strongly imagine that that’s the case. All the pieces that’s came about since that day has correct further buttressed my attach on that,” Grieco stated.

Grieco stated that outside of a lone unbiased see whose story has remained constant that Dunbar wasn’t appealing in a robbery, the four alleged victims of the robbery have all signed sworn affidavits contradicting their initial claims to police that they were robbed by Dunbar and Baker. Grieco added that whether he’s being informed the reality now or no longer, the claims don’t withstand scrutiny.

“Whether or no longer I’m being informed the reality or the police are being informed the reality, these two tales are fully diversified. They’ve sworn beneath penalty of perjury to each and each variations of events. So when I counsel they’re liars, they’re liars. They either lied beneath oath to me or they lied beneath oath to the police. Either formulation, their credibility is shot,” Grieco stated.

Grieco changed into confident that the case against Dunbar would in a roundabout device receive dismissed. He also pushed apart any thought that the motive the witnesses have changed their story is attributable to any receive of coercion or made the statements beneath duress.

“It’s ridiculous. These guys in actuality came into my dwelling of labor. We had a few witnesses there. They were joking round. There changed into no field of anything else in that realm the least bit. It changed into a ridiculous ingredient to insist.” Grieco stated.