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DEAR ABBY: My hairdresser, frail neighbor and friend instructed her unemployed brother to enact some minor repairs to my home.

Jeanne Phillips 

He and his sister were trying to push me accurate into a relationship. I’m a widow with out a formative years. I get no longer like any mortgages, car notes, etc. I’m no longer effectively off, but I’m effectively procedure.

My hairdresser right this moment talked about that her brother turned into using crack cocaine all over again. I’m infected that she didn’t describe her brother’s dependancy sooner.

Might maybe also aloof I let it inch or confront her about this? I actually don’t are trying to lose my hairdresser.


DEAR STYLED: You should maybe well even be with out a doubt free to query your hairdresser why she didn’t snarl you her brother had a crack addiction earlier than recommending him to enact repairs on your order. It’s a swish seek info from, if nothing is lacking and the repairs were done neatly. Refrain from doing it whereas you are exasperated. Must you dangle onto your temper, there is not a reason your relationship with the girl must aloof quit.

As to a relationship with the brother, no legislation says or no longer it is a must to love one with him. You don’t must be confrontational, but be much less available. As you exhaust beyond regular time with many folk, he will get the message.

DEAR ABBY: My son (age 30) is getting a liver transplant quickly, and my ex-husband (son’s father) refuses to exhaust deepest maintaining equipment in his encounters with others because he thinks his civil liberties are being violated.

We don’t talk usually because the fresh accomplice is a actually unsuitable one who took my residence away 10 years ago. I’m OK with that because I landed on my feet in an well-known greater jam, but I enact no longer believe her or talk about along side her.

I actually like left posts on Facebook soliciting for that those that intend to support my son exhaust PPE for no lower than two weeks earlier than seeing him. To this level, my ex has no longer answered. How can I get him to attain that right here’s his child and never wearing PPE also can assassinate him?


DEAR COVID CONCERNED: Your son’s transplant specialist ought to be asked to send your ex a registered letter explaining the precautions that ought to be taken if he visits his son and how well-known they are. I’m crossing my fingers that the doctor will enact it. Nevertheless your son must realize that if Daddy is unwilling to cooperate, he (your son), no longer you, is the one who must put in power that rule because he will seemingly be immuno-compromised, and his life relies on it. As great as you also can must, you can no longer police each stumble upon Daddy has along with his grownup son.

DEAR ABBY: Closing yr, family said they would support a celebration we were web hosting. They didn’t near, and we never got any reason. We needed to pay for his or her dinners. We are in a position to also honest see them at an upcoming social occasion. How must aloof we greet them?


DEAR ANNOYED: What your family did turned into vulgar and inconsiderate. If you see them, impart hello and flippantly query why they didn’t point out up. Be polite, which they weren’t — and within the long term plan close them out of your guest checklist if their answer doesn’t fulfill you.

Pricey Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, additionally known as Jeanne Phillips, and turned into founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact Pricey Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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