In At present time’s Media Availability, Humboldt County’s Health Officer Addresses Wildfire and COVID, Attempting out, Mass Gatherings and the Upcoming Holidays – Misplaced Flee Outpost

At present time’s media availability with Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich is above; rough machine transcript below.


Would you esteem to launch by addressing the

Successfully, I appropriate desired to notify that we’re
fervent in our fellow residents and other folks across
the explain obviously who are being impacted by fireand hoping every person is managing to end right, guaranteeing that they evacuate if
urged to attain so, that can relish to you’re in an dwelling of issuethat you attain out to traffic and neighbors, effect sureespecially for those that would possibly well be sheltering in build,
older other folks, effect sure they’re getting the info they need and
that they’re doing okay. We can succeed in that by phone or knock on a
door, however obviously we’re attempting tostill defend those COVID prevention measures that we’ve been talking about.

I succeed in know that over again any other folks would possibly well well also merely be sheltering other folks in their homeand you know we admire that we plan stop care of every varied.
If there’s any manner you’re ready to attain that and relish other folks in a separate
phase of the house or in a separate constructionwith your non-public home, those are the safer suggestions as against being phase of the
identical family, however will relish to you would also presumably be all in the identical family,
will relish to you relish the opportunity to distance, to make exercise of a complete bunch honest hand washing,
cleansing ceaselessly surfaces, you would also presumably have in mind of it will all attend
as properly as to maintaining in public, you know extra blended spaces on your hometo be ready to are trying and decrease transmission.

We desire every person to end as
wholesome as seemingly at some level of this whereas calm helping every varied out so
and will relish to you succeed in need extra data the Humboldt County Officeof Emergency Services is coordinating the response to this, so
you’ll likely be ready to attain out and we can checklist the number. 

The North Flee Info asks, “How would possibly well well also present smoky air quality
stipulations affect COVID sufferers and what’s going to relish to calm they succeed in to end right?”

Successfully, I alarm about smoky air stipulations impacting a complete bunch peoplein our neighborhood, in particular those with persistentrespiratory stipulations and varied properly being points and undoubtedly if
COVID sufferers relish respiratory indicators as phase in theirillness, we desire every person to be aware out and computer screen themselves if
they’re feeling growing shortness of breath or if that
their indicators are worse they want to attain out to a properly being care providerand obviously in this instance, the build we’re in most cases with COVID telling
other folks to be out of doors as grand as seemingly that’s obviously going to be animated
and so other folks are liable to be indoors extra,
and that’s magnificent, however over again it’s in particular important that can relish to you were
going to focus on with with other folks or defend with peoplein a microscopic number out of doors your non-public home, safely or extra safely,
bringing other folks into your non-public home is extra of a chance.
And so I mediate other folks appropriate want to be aware of that, if they defend taking extraof their activities indoors well suited now, unless you’re if truth be told sheltering
someone who wants that safe haven, that you just if truth be told succeed in attempt and appropriate endwith your family unit as grand as seemingly.

The North Flee Info asks, “Wildfire smoke can irritate your lungs,
trigger irritation, relish an affect on your immune system.
Can it also effect you additional liable to catching COVID?”

I don’t mediate we’ve got any data to this level that tells us whether that’s the
case. We don’t even know let’s notify with
tobacco smoke exposure whether it if truth be told increases your chance of gettingCOVID. We can completely plan stop that can relish to you succeed in
contract COVID and you’re having this respirationsigns already in consequence of fire, that would possibly well well effect it extra animated. So, over again, I mediate all those prevention measures we’ve been talking about are
important to are trying and end as wholesome as possiblewhile we’re facing the 2d narrate in the case of the fires occurring.

The North Flee Info asks, “How is the recruitment job going for the hotHealth Officer, station change?”

Successfully, I if truth be told am now notall in favour of that job and so you presumably want to checkwith the County Employee Services or Human
Assets department, I’d plan stop. 

The North Flee Info asks, “What are your expectations in the impending weeks for COVID case numbers following
Labor Day weekend given the lengthen many counties noticedafter Memorial Day weekend?”

Successfully, obviously we’re consistently concernedabout this, there, you know both because peoplegenerally are doing extra touring throughout those times,
visiting traffic and family out of doors the dwelling the build the exposure chance would possibly well well also merely be even
greater than it’s miles locally, or bringing other folks in to focus on with who would possibly well well also simplyintroduce virus into the neighborhood, as properly as the gatherings. So I’m hoping
that of us were properly-organized and if truth be told notion about their
traffic and neighbors and restricted activities which areyou know unsafe, similar to gatherings and journeyBut I bet we would possibly well be watching over the next two to 3 weeks to search what

The Cases-Traditional asks, “were
there any events, crowded seashores, broad Labor Day barbecue,
parties among college college students over Labor Day weekend that
sparked narrate concerning the spread of COVID-19?”

So I’m no longer responsive to person events. I succeed in know
that there relish been completely events over the weekend, however I don’t relish a lot ofsmall print about any person ones. As soon as more you know all we can succeed in is
is de facto appropriate quiz native residents to be to blame to every otherand the manner that we’re ready to circulation ahead, the manner that we’re ready to preserveour industry neighborhood operating the manner that we’re ready to,
relish kids encourage colleges and defend our properly being care system right,
we’ve got the total instruments to attain that. We appropriate must expend to make exercise of them and I’m
hopeful that of us were embracing that over the weekend. 

The Cases-Traditional asks, “What recommendation is the JIC
offering to residents about easy ideas to be right throughout principal holidays with Halloween,
Thanksgiving and Christmas all bobbing up?”

So it’s a
if truth be told honest build a question to, and if truth be told we’re asking the explain to produce some
steering to begin with about Halloween because that’s
you know bobbing up upon us in no longer too lengthy.
Obviously we’re attempting to explore at easy ideas to style all of our identical outdated celebrations
in a manner that’s extra in step with COVID prevention.
So appropriate esteem we’ve been announcing to this level this year, for the most phase meaningreally making an attempt no longer to pull family in from varied areasof the explain or the country, if truth be told making an attempt no longer to trudge to those out of doors
areas the build you would also merely introduce chance to those personsand if truth be told attempting to restrict gatherings.

You recognizewe survey the fact that this is hard to attain for a lengthy timeand that any other folks are socializing a microscopic out of doors their family.
My quiz for of us is that they if truth be told succeed in attempt and restrict that and exercise you know outside as grand as seemingly,
microscopic teams, four to 6 other folks. You admire when we launch to defend upperteams collectively the chance that someone in that team
is COVID sure and will relish to calm no longer understand it increases
and your chance in consequence of this fact increases as properly. So we if truth be told,
you know, we if truth be told are attempting to make certain that of us are attempting to make exercise of all of
those instruments and as we plow via the holidays we’ll
be advising other folks extra on this. We are doing having some native meetings
about Halloween and what that can even explore esteem here and
we’ll be inserting extra data out about that as they salvage. 

The Redheaded Blackbelt asks,
“When a brand recent Health Officer takes the helm will there be an opportunity for that
person to reassess the volume and create of recordsdata the public is allowed to
relish, particularly related to present case
depend and present hospitalization charges?”

Successfully, sure, I suggest a brand recent FitnessOfficer has the opportunity to reformulate many things about what we succeed in
and undoubtedly appropriate over the direction of the match I’d notify that you just know we
relish changed considerably from what we
started off being ready to sage and what we’re reporting now, and so
I mediate you know as this complete thing evolves that’s liable to trade
irrespective of who’s on the helm.

I succeed in are attempting to masks againeven supposing that if other folks are attracted to form of the hospitalization
numbers in that, we’re no longer reproducing them,
however they, we are linking on our web page, on our dashboard
to the explain dwelling that has all of that data. So it’s
in most cases very easy for of us to search that in staunch time
after which we’re no longer reproducing those numbers
as properly as to that.

The Redheaded Blackbelt asks,
“Will Humboldt County be ready to provide the recent COVID saliva take a look at,
which is nice looking to return first fee results in 30 minutes or so,
the like a flash level of care take a look at that is being made readily availablein the Bay Place? If this is the case, when and how will this trade the checking out panorama,
and if no longer, why no longer?”

Successfully, over again, it’s miles form of the wild west in
checking out well suited now. There are such quite a lot of recent exams
flooding the market and it turns into an true narrate to
if truth be told vet the person exams and their performance and what’s theappropriate venue to make exercise of those exams. Shall we notify, you would exercise a take a look at that’s
less comfy in some screening scenarios, however you
don’t are attempting to make exercise of that let’s notify in finding outlargely asymptomatic other folks or in a truly high-chance setting esteem a well informed nursing
facility. So the instruments you exercise would possibly well well also merely trade over
time with this pandemic.

In general the trade-off is ceaselessly that
you you doing a rapid take a look at provides you less
sensitivity, meaning you would also merely no longer opt up the virus
if it’s present, in particular in low numbers, and this
is totally one thing that we look with, let’s notify,
the like a flash saliva exams the build the sensitivity
appears to be like to be decrease overall and so the trade-off is
you would also presumably be likelier, you would also presumably be liable to take those that relish pretty a pair of virus
on board in their respiratory passages, their throat,
nose, however you received’t take the those that relish no longer a lot ofactive virus present. The argument for using the saliva verifyis that you just’re presumably going to be grand extra likelyto transmit to someone else will relish to you’ve bought a principal viral load, so it at
least captures those other folks, however it completely’s a fixed trade-off.

Our aimhere if truth be told is to relish if truth be told sturdy, fine quality,
highly comfy checking out readily available to every person in
in honest time, you know being ready to salvage that result interior a day or two
ideally. And if we’ve got that, then there’s presumably no longer as grand rolefor attempting to attain a pair of of the the level of care like a flash exams. Even these,
let’s notify saliva exams, are in general exams that succeed in want to be race by a lab or
performed with lab personnel there reasonably than one thing at home.

over again I bet all I’m able to notify is that it’s
liable to trade over time, what we adapt and exercise, it’s miles depending on the misfortune when
we’re going via huge numbers of instances accurate now,
being ready to attain some identical outdated screening would possibly well well also merely be you know, what we’re ready to achieveand what makes sense. Correct now what makes sense for us is to are trying and succeed in our
fine quality checking out and we’ll look how this pilot in the Bay Place works out.

The Redheaded Blackbelt asks, “Are you responsive to any means broad spreader
events that relish taken build locally over Labor Day weekend?”

I’m no longer responsive to any explicit events well suited now however I’d notify that
if truth be told the manner these events are ceaselessly identified is after the fact.
So when we launch to salvage instances and identify the build other folks relish been and what
they’ve been doing, that’s how we identify a birthday celebration or
gathering or some create of match, after which as the case numbers originatewe take into accout that to be a giant spreader match. So, in our
instance, it’d be one thing we’d likely identify
after the fact as against, let’s notify a truly broad deliberate match that
we know about properly prematurely — Sturgis involves mind — the build you would also justwatch for that it was going to be a principal spreader match.

The Misplaced Flee Outpost asks, “Tag the frequent facial coverings other folks are
carrying in this day and age provide protection to them from the properly being hazards of smoke inhalation?”

Successfully, sadly, I don’t build a question to other folks’s cloth masks to produce that
level of security, it’s in general the next-grade masksthat basically can succeed in that similar to an N95. Thank you.

The Misplaced Flee Outpost asks,
“Humboldt County now has stop to 400 residents who relish recovered from COVID-19. Are they ready to donate plasma locally?

We’re no longer amassing plasma locally, from dwelling instances, despite the incontrovertible fact that that’s consistently a seemingly down the road. On the opposite hand the blood financial institution here is nice looking to salvage entry to convalescent
plasma readily interior 24 hours for native residents who need it well suited now. 

Thank you.

Thanks so grand. I did appropriate wishto mention that we succeed in now, because we are dealing
with both the pandemic as properly as the fireplace misfortune,
there if truth be told are two separate Info Centers
that are operating and so if other folks relish questions that are COVID-related,
as they know they are able to name 441-5000 for that data.
If it’s a hearth-related build a question to, then 268- 2500 is the number to name to makeadditional data.

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