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Washington Senior VP of Player Pattern Doug Williams knows one thing concerning the quarterback put of abode, as a Magnificent Bowl MVP winner himself, and he says his crew has one thing special in second-year quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Williams stated on 106.7 The Fan that Haskins has a greater arm than every other quarterback in both this year’s draft or final year’s draft.

“I don’t care who came out this year, final year, there’s no longer a quarterback that’s reach out in the final two years that has the flexibility – from an arm strength standpoint and arm expertise – that Dwayne Haskins has,” Williams stated, by technique of

That can mean Haskins has a greater arm no longer handiest than 2019 draft picks Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones and Drew Lock, but additionally that he has a greater arm than 2020 picks Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert and Jordan Admire.

Nonetheless Williams acknowledged there’s plenty extra to being a great quarterback than having a great arm.

“Dwayne can throw with essentially the most attention-grabbing of them,” Williams stated. “Now mentally, he has to manipulate the opposite fragment, and I judge he has aligned himself and realized that’s what he has to attain and I judge that’s what he’s doing. I judge on the pause of the day, give him the chance to attain what each person is doing, and that is to enhance upon his sport.”

Whether or no longer Haskins can enhance is the ideal search data from in Washington this season.