Dana White blasts media criticizing UFC for the length of coronavirus outbreak: ‘Weakest, wimpiest folks on Earth’ – MMA Combating

UFC president Dana White is decided to salvage succor to alternate for the length of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and he doesn’t care who has a field with it.

After postponing the next three cards on the UFC agenda due to the President Donald Trump’s advice that gatherings be restricted to no bigger than 10 folks to inspire late the unfold of the deadly illness, White promised that the promotion would return on April 18 for a highly anticipated card featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov against Tony Ferguson in the first match.

White’s declaration comes after he already promoted a card in Brasilia, Brazil, this past weekend in the succor of closed doors after the native authorities shut down followers attending the match due to the the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

With every other major sport on Earth cancelling events or suspending play for the season, White is getting in depressed health and uninterested in listening to the media criticize the UFC for searching to switch forward with events where opponents are clamoring to compete regardless of the doable dangers that near along with spreading the coronavirus.

“Move on-line and take into fable at these forms of folks — and this isn’t a knock, that is appropriate a truth — the weakest, wimpiest folks on Earth quilt the greatest, baddest sport on Earth,” White acknowledged for the length of an Instagram are residing chat with UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. “What produce you demand them to remark? What produce you ponder they’re going to remark?

“I in actuality have over 350 worker who work for me. Multi-billion buck firms are laying off all their staff handsome now. We haven’t laid off one person on the UFC. Every fighter that fights for me, will strive against three events this twelve months. Our agenda will hunch on. All individuals’s going to receives a payment. We are in a position to look at this out and we might maybe be the first sport succor on and f*ck that shit. The entirety will hunch on.”

White says he’s proof against the criticism because now not without extend he’s scuffling with to retain his workers and his roster employed for the length of a attempting time around the sphere.

He furthermore argues that the scientific care that the opponents will receive whereas competing in the UFC is high notch and their effectively being and safety persistently comes first.

“Listen the media can talk as powerful sh*t as they settle on. They don’t feed households,” White acknowledged. “They don’t clutch care of f*cking folks. They don’t have those that count on them. They don’t have folks to give a increase to.

“We’re doing the handsome thing as some distance as scientific testing goes and the entirety. That’s all we f*cking produce. That’s nothing contemporary. We had been doing that sh*t formulation sooner than the coronavirus. We had been taking care of folks and guaranteeing that all individuals is healthy. Every strive against that’s with me on the aspect toll road is getting critically greater scientific attention than they are at residence in the event that they’re with me.”

White added that the UFC has reached out to all of the opponents on the roster to let them know the organization will give a increase to them in anyway that you’re going to be ready to mediate as the coronavirus outbreak continues to conclude down extra and extra firms on a day after day basis.

There’s light no observe if the UFC will compensate athletes who had been scheduled to compete on upcoming cards which had been cancelled however White guarantees that somebody in need will receive his inspire.

“I told our complete roster — while you happen to or your kinfolk have any form of eventualities or anything trek, name me. I’ll produce the entirety in my energy to be sure that you salvage taken care of,” White acknowledged.

When it involves the future, White is doing the entirety that you’re going to be ready to mediate to salvage the agenda challenging again, starting up with UFC 249. He hopes at that point lifestyles can return to a couple sense of normalcy on the least with the UFC selling cards again.

“We are in a position to salvage by this,” White acknowledged. “We are in a position to put it aside. All my those that are with me, no must disaster. Abilities your household, spend your time. That is an enormous vacation except this thing blows over and we might maybe be succor heading in the correct direction and we can kick some f*cking ass worship we persistently produce.”

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